My Minecraft Builds

These are pics of some of my Minecraft builds. Click on underlined links for pictures.

Sunrise at Frightbytes Corporate Offices and Home. (house front) Minecraft sunrises and sunsets are SPECTACULAR!!!

Back view. Part of house gets snowed on, other part is desert.

Front view.

Dining area, staircase, etc.

Dining, entryway at sunset. Have I mentioned that sunsets and sunrises are SPECTACULAR!


Kitchen. I made a working refrigerator. Pic didn't come out.


2 pinball machines and a popcorn machine.

Gotta have a bathroom.


Another bedroom.

Of course there's an X-box room.

An X-box game collection I can only dream of.

I need a Server Room.

The worlds worse Helicopter.

Inside the Helicopter.

A SPECTACULAR sunset. Watching it while having dinner, or enjoying it from one of the many decks.

:: If you want to see the WORLDS BEST MINECRAFT HELICOPTER, look at this YouTube video.
It's gotta be a mod because I don't have those items. It's definitely worth viewing.

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