When You're Hungry For A Little Fright

Your Nightmare Begins
Author: M. Buck
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Story 1 The Beginning

This version of the Hauntings 1 contains the original MIDI music files. To hear the music best results will be with Internet Explorer (IE). If your browser will not play the music I have added an extra download option. When you see a music folder icon, click on it to download and you should be able to hear music. If you do not have the necessary plugin, your browser might supply you with a link to download the necessary plugin. Just remember to close out (or X out the music file before you leave the page) otherwise the music will continue. The icon for downloading the MIDI music will only be displayed on each page that has a MIDI music file. This is not an ideal solution to the cross browser problem of playing MIDI music and may not work on all devices, but it's the best solution at this time for all of you who prefer the original MIDI. The new browsers and mobile devices do not play nice with MIDI music.
Happy Hauntings!

..... you wouldn't listen. You actually believed that Halloween was like every other day...

Now you'll find out how wrong you were. Go ahead and see what's ahead for you in Salems Marsh -- if you dare. Your mission? Find and save the lost souls, journey through Purgatory, unearth lost treasures, come face to face with the Boogeyman, and finally send evil back to where it belongs.

Of course you had to come. But you better hurry to get home. It's getting dark, cold and the wind has picked up. A storm is brewing. You find yourself at the end of the street that leads to the town's cemetery. As you look at the walls surrounding the graveyard you wonder why they do that. Is it to keep something from getting in or something from getting OUT?

Welcome to my home.  Enter at your own risk.  Your world may end tonight, with a whimper. Haunted Cemetery by M. Buck copyright 2002. Not public domain.

You could get back home safe and sound quickly if you take the shortcut but that means you have to cross the cemetery and go past "The House". You know the one - everyone calls it the Haunted House, long abandoned but the stories about what went on inside that house are still alive. Especially on nights like this - on Halloween.

Now that the storm is so near it's almost pitch black. In the flashes of lightning you see a grotesque form in the cemetery looking into an open grave. Could it be a groundskeeper? You better think fast. Do you want to confront the thing in the boneyard or do you want to get as far away as possible from that thing and run towards the old haunted house.

† Confront the thing in the Cemetery?

† Run towards the Haunted House?

CLICK or TREAT! Don't just sit there, choose one. You hold your fate in your own hands.

Copyright 1998-2014 M. Buck
All Rights Reserved