When You're Hungry For A Little Fright

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You have decided to investigate the Thing in the graveyard. Is it trying to dig somebody up? So far, the creature is too intent on the open grave it stands above and isn't aware of your presence. You creep around the headstones to get a closer look. Closer and closer you get. Then, suddenly, you step on a dried tree branch and it crackles as it breaks. The Thing looks up and SEES YOU! It's dead eyes burn into you.

Death Will Slay With His Wings by M. Buck copyright 2002. Not public domain

The Thing begins lumbering towards you. Your foot is caught up in the broken tree limbs, leaving you helpless. Another flash of lightning and your mind freezes in terror.

I Have Been Waiting For You by M. Buck copyright 2002.  Not public domain.You see the horrible creature coming at you razor sharp talons protruding from batwing like arms. You scream, but the wind is howling so loudly and thunder is crashing and drowning out your pathetic screams. Here he comes, he's coming for YOU.

You made the wrong decision and now you're a permanent resident of the Boneyard.

Try running to the Haunted House instead.

† I'm running to the old house!

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